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Director’s Message

We, in Unique Institute of Management have envisioned to build global leaders. Thanks for placing your confidence in our commitment towards achieving this mission.

Knowledge commission of India stated recently that only 23% of our graduates are industry employable. There is big gap between our education and what industry needs. It is not your fault but of our education system. Here in UIM you have that advantage of completing MBA degree from prestigious University of Pune and opportunity to close this big competency gap.

Accordingly our well designed course curriculum and developmental training is focused towards building up your competencies. It is something UNIQUE that we will do it for you, awarding extra advantage on your career path. It’s of significance that you go through the rigour of the course enabling you to become competent to face the challenges of life. Through the intensity and persistence of two years efforts we will be able to take you towards the achievement of your cherished dream.

Let’s pledge to jointly work hard and achieve the set goals. We are committed to build your career and life skills. What we demand is your dedication and commitment to hard work during the time you are with us.

“All the Best”

Dr. Sharad N. Inamdar


DPh.D, MBA, B.Sc

Unique Institute of Management, Pune

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